fredag den 21. september 2007

English writing

I am not the very best to formulate myself into the English language. Therefore I want to use it some more and be better at it by training. I know that I'm making many mistakes in my grammar, spelling etcetera, but I'll still keep trying :-)

Whenever I write an English text on my blog, I'll post it under the label "English".

Over and out ...

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Anonym sagde ...

I'm not here to correct you in any way. In my view your English is readable and easy to understand. Your way of expression is not messing up your message and that's the important thing if you want others to get the picture.

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Fandt du indlægget interessant - eller har ham der Gustav ikke fattet en hujende fis - så giv din mening til kende i kommentarfeltet herunder. Jeg ELSKER at få kommentarer, så kom bare med dem! :)