lørdag den 27. maj 2006

Udforskning af Bibelen; har Dan Brown ret?

I dag kommer der et program på National Geographic Channel, som dykker ned i Dan Browns supersælgende bog, Da Vincy Mysteriet, og prøver at opklare nogle af de mange hemmeligeder i den kristne tro.

Programmet kommer i dag kl. 20:00, og jeg glæder mig til at se, hvordan de har bikset det sammen, og om teorierne holder. Dog er det ikke helt sikkert, at jeg når at se det hele, da der i dag også er "Shoot the crew" for verdens bedste Battlefield-hjemmeside: BFGeeks.

Using historical evidence and forensic science, we lift the cloak of concealment in Secret Bible week.

This week includes a provocative one-off special and a new three-part series which shines a questing light on the secrets of Christianity.

Delve into the myths and mysteries of the legendary medieval order - the Knights Templar. The Templar have recently attracted global attention following Dan Brown's best selling novel The Da Vinci Code, where they are presented as mysterious protectors of the Holy Grail. Modern Conspiracy theorists suggest that the Knights Templar still exists in secret to this day and still protects a vast and mysterious treasure. Using historical re-enactments of battles and long secret rituals, we separate fact from fiction behind these legendary warriors.

There was a man who cured the sick, performed miracles, was called the son of God and rose from the grave three days after his death. His name was Apollonius of Tyana and he was not unique. We ask why so many preachers and supposed miracle workers appeared by the Mediterranean around the 1st Century AD and why the cult of Jesus won out in Rivals of Jesus.

These are the days of miracles and wonders, disasters and destruction, hurricanes and tsunamis....but are these the 'end days' as prophesied in the Bible? Many people believe that The Apocalypse is at hand. We explore the prophesies of the end of the world and compare them to newly uncovered scientific facts. Is 'The Apocalypse' simply a first Century poetic description of an internal religious state as some theologians insist or the prophecy of impending doom?

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